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Our Mission


Arts are an essential part of Christopher Newport University as a Liberal Arts and Sciences Institution. Our purpose is to shine a light across campus for ALL arts. Art inspires, transforms, and builds community. It's therapeutic, stimulates creativity, reflects culture, provokes thought, and encourages expression. More importantly, it's everywhere. Read more about why preserving the arts is important here and learn how to advocate here...


This project was created and is maintained by Arts Marketing Interns. Our mission is to engage with the CNU Arts community to create media content and develop platforms that promote the arts and Christopher Newport University. This includes classes, student organizations, and everything in between. We feel that student and faculty work should get more attention and credit, so we'd like to highlight the work that happens all over campus. 


Our vision is to be more than a website, a place for the community to get up to date, in-depth, information about the arts at Christopher Newport University.  


If you would like to donate and help preserve the arts at CNU, please visit this page for the music department, this page for the theatre and dance department, this page for the Ferguson Center, and this page for the Torggler Fine Arts Center.

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